We have instruments fit for singers, dancers, and musicians in the harem of the king, for temple choirs, for musicians playing for wealthy patrons, and for the common people as they work.

We have wind instruments like flutes and double clarinets. We have smaller, old-fashioned flutes, and the newer, larger flutes. The double clarinet is made of two single-reeded pipes bound together.

We have stringed instruments like harps, lyres, and lutes. Harps include the small and portable variety, and the harps that are large enought to sit on a stand. Some are very large and had intricate frames. And for those of lower status, we have lutes with four strings, small bodies and long necks.

We also have drums, tambourines, krotalas, and sistra. We have a discount on drums today, as they are not as popular as in some countries. We are not planning any discounts on the popular tambourine, so don't ask. Pick from a variety of tambourines to accompany your singers or instrumentalists. We have both the round and oblong varieties of tambourines. The krotala and the sistra are sacred to Hathor and have an honorable place in our market. The krotalas are made of wood or ivory clappers on a chain. The sistrum (plural sistra) are made of small, metal disks that rattle.

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