We have many boards for playing that favorite game, senet. Each rectangular board has thirty squares divided into three rows. We have different gaming pieces, including the old-fashioned shape of a house with a sloping roof (early dynastic shape). Game pieces include those clay versions coated with wax.

Coiled Snake Game

We have boards for the coiled snake game. Choose from boards with an engraved coiled snake, or an inlaid snake. The head is, of course, in the middle, and the body is divided by segments. We have the playing pieces too. Pick matching sets of three male lions, three female lions, and five balls in red and white. We also have ebony boxes to store the game pieces.

Disc Game

We also have pieces for the disc game. Depending on what you have to barter, choose discs ten centimeters in diameter that are made of wood, horn, ivory, stone, or copper. We also have the fifteen-centimeter sticks that go into the discs. [Note: the book does not give this game a name].

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