Stone, precious metal, and brick    Pottery

Stone, Precious Metal, and Brick


We also have stone lamps of thick, translucent alabaster. Our lamps come in many shapes, including papyrus buds. We have stone vases, and alabaster and diorite bowls and dishes. We also have containers of ebony and marble.

Precious metal

We have stands of gold and silver, and vessles of copper.


We don't have many stalls in this section yet, but the stalls we do have set up are well stocked. We sell bricks tiles of great quality.

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For those with little to barter with, we have lamps of cheap, shallow pottery. The wicks are of twisted grass, and we sell animal fat for oil.


We have lots of jars of various sizes. We also have jars perfect for storing beer.


We have a full assortment of pottery dishes.

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