You have come to the right place. We storytellers have many tales to tell....

Listen to the tales about our kings. Hear how Narmer diverted the Nile at Men-nefer (Memphis) to clear the land so he could build his city there. Hear the Tale of Khufu and the Magicians. Listen to how Khufu's father Snofru spent his free time in his old age. He watches twenty young women row pleasure boats while dressed only in fish nets! Listen to the storytellers talk about the kind deeds of Snofru (despite his one lapse). Hear the magical tales Khufu's sons tell their father.

Or listen to a new story about how a nobleman, Harkhuf journeys south and returns to our country with many gifts and a dancing pygmy for the child-king Pepi II. Listen to Pepi's letter of thanks, and hear how he is not concerned about the exotic gifts, but he is only concerned about the wellbeing of the pygmy. Hear Pepi order that guards sleep on either side of the pygmy, and that Harkhuf inspect the cabin ten times each night.

Or hear a retelling of how Apep, an evil creature lurking on the horizon, tries to stop the setting sun each night. Clear skies means the passage is easy, but red sunsets indicate a horrible struggle. Look into the sky this evening, and see the fight between good and evil continue. Was the passage easy today, or hard? Learn how the sun sails across the sky in a solar boat, or is pushed by a beetle.

Learn about the sky being held up by mountain peaks or pillars. Hear how Osiris taught us to grow grain, and how Isis taught us to weave and grind bread. Learn about their son Horus, who ruled and had power over nature. Listen to the scary tale of how evil Set becomes a poisonous snake and bites Horus, who was being hidden by his mother Isis in the Delta marshes. Hear Isis call for help, and rejoice when Re sends Thoth talk to her and help her. Learn about Hapi, the god of the Nile, who dwells in an island grotto that is right where the Nile breaks from the eternal ocean which surrounds the earth.

Or be enlightened by the wise maxims of Ptahhotep from the Fifth Dynasty or the sayings of Kagemni from the Third and Fourth Dynasties. Concerned about how you treat the weak and the oppressed? Ptahhotep, who lived in Izezi's time, tells us to live quietly and righteously. We are to be truthful and kind. He talks about the weak and the oppressed. Concerned about your social behavior? Kagemni, who lived during Huni and Snofru's time, emphasizes having right attitudes towards our rulers and all the people we meet.

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