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Expensive necklaces and bracelets

Look through our fine collection of collared necklaces for men and women. We have necklaces with beads of amethyst, carnelian, or jasper, imported lapis lazuli, and turquoise mined from far off Sinai. Come see necklaces with gold from the desert, Nubia, and far-off Punt. Unfortunately, we do not have any silver necklaces today. Silversmiths say the shipment from the Mediterranean has not come for awhile, and all the nobles bought what we had.

We also have bracelets of Nubian ivory.

Less expensive jewelry

You don't have enough items to trade for the expensive jewelry? We have beads, shells, or charms, put on linen or leather cords, in lengths suitable for necklaces or bracelets. We also have anklets for women. We also have a few rings, especially ones of faience.

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We have all the styles: hoops, studs, and ear plugs.

Hair ornaments

Are you looking for something to put in your beautiful hair? We have fish ornaments for the hair or neck that are guaranteed to keep girls from drowning. We also have disk-shaped hair ornaments, and a large variety of hairpins.

Good luck charms

Looking for something to improve your luck? We also have oyster shell amulets for general good health for the ladies. We also have green necklaces for general good luck in life and birthing.

Wigs and hair products

We have good-quality, natural-looking wigs in the latest style: straight and short. You can buy them in either human hair, or vegetable fiber. Come see our selection of artificial curls and braids, too.

We also have hair curlers and hairpins.

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We have the best eye-paint for men and women that will make you beautiful and protect your eyes from the sun. We have the ever popular green malachite from the western Sinai, but we also have dark grey paint, made from galena. Why not buy both? Use green on the eyebrows and corners of the eye, and use grey on the lashes and rims. We also have the small ivory and wooden sticks to apply the paint.

We have henna for palms. We also have powdered red ochre that can be used on cheeks, if so desired. As it has been a slow day for red ochre, many of the dealers are selling at a discount. We don't sell lip paint. Go to a less-reputable market for that!

And talking about lower-class services, there is even a person who does body tattoos for the professional dancers and acrobats among us.


Our merchants have a fine selection of perfumed oils for hair and skin.

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Metal Items

We have many fine bronze polished mirrors with handles made into various shapes. We also have handy mirror bags that can be used over-the-shoulder. If you need bronze razors for shaving hair off limbs, we have that, as well.

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