Female Names of the Old Kingdom

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Old Kindgom Names

Female Names

Variants of names are included so that you can pick which you like best.
(I have also included a few predynastic names that are clearly indicated).
Sources are given below.




Ankhenesmerire Merire lives for her Grimal
Ankhnesmerire Clayton
Ankhes-Merire Tyldesley
Bunefer Clayton
Henutsen Clayton, Grimal
Her-Neith (predynastic) Tyldesley
Hetepheres Clayton
Iput Clayton, Grimal
Ipwet Clayton
Kawit Clayton
Khamaat Clayton
Khamerernebti Grimal
Khamerernebty Clayton
Khentkawes Clayton
Khuit Grimal
Meresankh Clayton
Meritates Clayton
Meryt-Neith (predynastic) Tyldesley
Neferhetep Clayton
Neferhetepes Clayton
Neferhotep Clayton
Nefert Beautiful Erman
Neith Clayton, Grimal
Neith-hotep (predynastic) Tyldesley
Nemaathep (predynastic) Tyldesley
Nofret Clayton, Grimal
Redjedet Grimal
Seshseshet Clayton, Grimal
Weret-Imtes Clayton


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Tyldesley, Joyce. 1994. Daughters of Isis: Women in Ancient Egypt. London: Penguin Books.

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