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Note: This is made for picking characters for roleplay, especially for Pan Historia.

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Name Dynasty Notes Source Name elements/meaning Source
Note: No pharaohs are included. Dynasty is sometimes approximate as "son of" is included in the dynasty of the father.
Ahmose Pen-Nekhebet 18th nobleman Bunson
Ahmose Sipair, Ahmose Sipar 18th prince Bunson, Clayton
Ahmose Sitayet 18th viceroy Bunson
Ahmose, son of Ebana 18th nobleman Bunson
Amenemhab 18th official Bunson
Amenemhet 18th official Bunson
Amenemhet 12th nomarch Bunson
Amenhirkhepshef 20th prince Bunson
Amenhotep, son of Hapu 18th official Bunson hotep
Amenken 18th official Bunson
Amenmose 18th prince Bunson
Amunemhat 18th
Amunemhet 18th prince Bunson
Anen 18th official Bunson, Clayton
Ani 1200 BC scribe Macdonald
Ankhkhaf 4th prince Bunson
Anubisemonekeh 3rd scribe and judge Bunson
Auibre 4th prince Bunson
Banefre 4th king's son Clayton
Baufre' 4th prince Bunson
Bay 19th official Bunson
Bebi 11th chancellor, nomarch Bunson
Bek  18th, Amarna period sculptor Aldred    
Dedi 4th official Bunson
Dedu 18th official Bunson
Djar 11th official Bunson
Djau 6th vizier Bunson
Djedefhor 4th prince Bunson, Clayton
Djedptahaufankh NK?-from cache male
Djehontyhetep 1560 BC royal supervisor Macdonald
Djehutihotep 12th official Bunson
Djhutmose  18th, Amarna period sculptor Aldred    
Hapuneseb 18th official Bunson
Hardedef 4th sage, prince Bunson
Harkhaf 6th official Bunson
Haremhab  18th   Aldred    
Hekaib 6th official Bunson
Hemiunu 4th prince, vizier Bunson
Henenu 11th official Bunson
Hepzefa 12th official Bunson
Herihor 20th official Bunson
Horwedja 600 BC priest Macdonald
Huy 18th viceroy Clayton
Huya 18th, Amarna period high steward Aldred    
Ibebi 5th? priest Bunson
Ibi 6th official Bunson
Idu, Idut 6th official Bunson
Ikernofret, Ikhernofret 12th official Bunson nefer
Ikudidy 12th official Bunson
Imhotep 3rd official Bunson
Ineni 18th architect Bunson
Intef 12th, 18th official Bunson
Inyotefoker 12th official Bunson
Ipuki 18th official Bunson
Irsu 19th official Bunson
Ipy 18th, Amarna period steward Aldred    
Iumeri 5th scribe, steward, prophet Bunson
Kagemni 3rd & 4th official Bunson
Kawab 4th king's son Clayton
Kenamon 18th official Bunson
Kewab 4th prince Bunson
Kha 18th official Bunson
Khaemweset 19th prince Bunson, Clayton
Khamet 18th official Bunson
Khenemsu 12th official Bunson
Khensuhotep 18th sage Bunson hotep
Khentemsemet 12th official Bunson
Khuenre 5th? prince Clayton
Kheruef  18th, Amarna period steward Aldred    
Khufukaef 4th king's son Clayton
Khnumhotep nomarch Aldred    
Khui 6th official Bunson
Khusebek 12th official Bunson
Khuy 6th nomarch Bunson



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