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Old Kindgom Names

Male Names

Throne names are in italics.
Variants of names and meanings are included so that you can pick the one you like the best.
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Ankhhaf Grimal
Antiemdjaf Anti is his protection Grimal
Banefre Clayton
Chafreanch Chafre lives Erman Old spelling of ankh
Djau Grimal
Djedefor Clayton
Djedefre/Djedefra/Redjedef/Radjedef Enduring like Re Clayton
Djedi Grimal
Djedkare The Soul of Re Endureth Clayton
Djedkare The ka of Ra is stable Grimal
Djoser Clayton
Hemiunu Grimal
Heqaib (nickname of Pepynakht) He who is master of his heart Grimal
Huni The Smiter Clayton
Imhotep Clayton
Ini Clayton
Iry-maat He who puts Maat into practice Grimal
Isesi Clayton
Kaiu Clayton
Kakai Clayton
Kanefer Grimal
Kawab Clayton
Khaba The Soul Appears Clayton
Khafre/Rakhaef/Chephren Clayton
Khnum-khuefui (short form is Khufu) Khnum is Protecting Me Grimal
Khuenre Clayton
Khufu Protected by [Khnum] Clayton
Khufukaef Clayton
Khui Grimal
Mekhu Grimal
Menkauhor Eternal are the Souls of Re Clayton
Menkaure Stable are the kau of Ra Grimal
Menkaure/Menkaura/Mycerinus Eternal like the souls of Re Clayton
Merenre/Merenra Beloved of Re Clayton
Mereruka Grimal
Merire The devotee of Ra Grimal
Meryre Beloved of Re Clayton
Mery-tawy He who is loved by the Two Lands Grimal
Minkaf Grimal
Nebka Clayton
Nedemeb Content Erman
Nedes Young Erman
Neferdjahor Grimal
Neferefre/Raneferef Beautiful is Re Clayton
Neferirkare/Neferkare Beautiful is the Soul of Re Clayton
Nefermaat Grimal
Nekure Clayton
Nemtyemsaf Nemty is his Protection Clayton
Netjerikhet Divine of the Body Clayton
Netjerykhet Grimal
Niuserre Possesed of Re's Power Clayton
Nykaankh Grimal
Pepi/Pepy Clayton
Pepy-dede Pepy endures Erman
Pepynakht Grimal
Pepy-necht Pepy is strong Erman Old spelling of nakht
Ptahshep (pet name of Ptahshepses) Erman
Ptahshepses Clayton
Rahotep Clayton
Sabni Grimal
Sabu Erman
Sahure He Who is Close to Re Clayton
Sanakht Grimal
Sanakhte Strong protection Clayton
Sehetep-tawy He who pacifies the Two Lands Grimal
Sekhemkhet Powerful in Body Clayton
Setka Clayton
Shepseskaf Clayton
Shepseskare Noble is the Soul of Re Clayton
Shere Little Erman Possibly to denote the younger of a name
Snefru/Snofru/Soris He of Beauty Clayton
Snefu-Nofer Snefre is beautiful Erman
Teti Clayton
Unas/Wenis/Unis Clayton
Userkaf/Weserkaf His Soul is Powerful Clayton


Clayton, Peter A. 1994. Chronicles of the Pharaohs
Erman, Adolf. 1971. Life in Ancient Egypt-note: calls Old Kingdom the Old Empire
Grimal, Nicolas. 1988. A History of Ancient Egypt
Note: I am including the most current source I have for the name so you can judge the currentness of the spelling of the name. The conventions for spelling Egyptian names have changed through the years.

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