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Note: This is made for picking characters for roleplay, especially for Pan Historia.

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Name Dynasty Notes Source Name elements/meaning Source
Note: Well known ruling queens are not included. (They're well known). Dynasty may be approximate as "daughter of" is included in the dynasty of the father.
A'at 12th queen Bunson
Ahhotep 17th & 18th queen (2) Bunson hotep
Ahmose 18th queen Bunson
Ahmose Hentempet NK?-in cache princess Clayton
Ahmose Hent-Tenemu 18th princess Bunson
Ahmose Henuttimehu NK?-in cache queen Clayton
Ahmose Inhapi NK?-in cache queen Clayton
Ahmose Meryetamun NK?-in cache queen Clayton Amon
Ahmose Meryt-Amon 18th queen Bunson Amon
Ahmose Nefertary or Ahmose-Nefertari NK?-in cache queen Clayton, Aldred nefer
Ahmose Nefertiry 18th queen Bunson nefer
Ahmose Sitkamose NK?-in cache queen Clayton
Ahmose Tumerisy 18th princess Bunson
Ahset 18th royal consort, not queen Bunson
Amtes, Yamtisy 6th royal wife Bunson
Amunet, Amuniet 11th queen Bunson
Ana 13th queen Bunson
Aneksi What Life was Like "She belongs to me" What Life was Like
Ankhesenamon 18th queen Bunson ankh=life, amon
Ankhesenpaaten 18th, Amarna period princess Clayton ankh=life, aten
Ankhesenpaaten-ta-sherit 18th, Amarna period Ankhesenpaaten's daughter Aldred ta-sherit=junior  
Ankhes-Pepi 6th queen Bunson ankh=life
Ankhetitat 13th princess Bunson ankh=life
Ankhnesmerire, Ankhnesmery-Re 6th queen (2) Bunson, Clayton ankh=life
Ankhnes-Pepi 6th queen Bunson
Aoh 11th queen Bunson
Ashait, Ashayt 11th queen Bunson, Clayton
Ast 18th princess Bunson
Atet 4th princess Bunson
Baketamon 18th princess Bunson Servant of Amon
Bakt NK?-in cache female Clayton Servant
Baktwerel 19th queen Bunson
Beketaten 18th, Amarna period princess Clayton Servant of Aten
Berenib, Bernib 1st queen Bunson
Betresh/Tarset 1st queen Bunson
Betrest 1st queen Bunson
Bint-Anath 19th queen Bunson, Clayton
Bunefer 4th queen Bunson nefer
Dedyet 12th queen Bunson
Fent-Ankhet 13th princess Bunson ankh=life
GilukhipaN 18th dynasty, Amarna period Mitannian queen (not Egyptian) Aldred    
Hapynma'at 2nd & 3rd queen Bunson ma'at
Hedjhekenu 4th queen Bunson
Henhenet, Henhenit 11th queen Bunson, Clayton
Henite 11th queen Bunson
Hent 1st & 12th queen (2) Bunson
Hentaneb 18th princess Bunson
Hentmereb 18th princess Bunson
Hentmire 19th princess Bunson
Hent-Temehu 18th princess Bunson
Henutmire 19th queen Clayton
Henutsen 4th queen Bunson, Clayton
Henuttawy NK?-in cache queen Clayton
Herit 15th queen Bunson
Herneith 1st queen Bunson Neith
Hetepheres, Hetep-heres 4th queen (2) Bunson, Clayton hetep=peace, offering
Hetephernebty 3rd queen Bunson hetep=peace, offering
Heterphenebty 3rd queen Bunson hetep=peace, offering
Huy 18th dynasty, Amarna priestess Aldred    
Imi, Yem 11th queen Bunson
Inhapi (may be Thent hep) 18th queen Bunson
Intakaes 3rd sister of a queen Bunson
Iput 6th queen Bunson
Ipwet 6th queen Bunson, Clayton
Ipy    "true favorite" of the king Aldred    
Isetnofret 19th queen Bunson nefer
Isis 18th queen Bunson
Istnofret (diff fr Isetnofret) 19th queen Bunson nefer
Itekuyet 12th princess Clayton
Itet 4th princess Bunson
Kasmut 18th queen Bunson
Kawit 11th "royal companion" Bunson, Clayton
Kemanub 12th queen Bunson
Kemanut 12th queen Bunson
Kemsit, Kemsiyet, Khemsait 11th "royal companion" Bunson, Clayton
Kentetenka 4th queen Bunson
Khama'at 4th princess Bunson, Clayton Ma'at
Khamerernebty 4th queens (2) Bunson, Clayton
Khemut 5th queen Bunson
Khentikus 5th queen Bunson
Khentkawes 4th queen Bunson
Khenut 5th queen Bunson
Khnumt, Khnumet, Khumyt, Khumit 12th princess Bunson, Clayton
Khuit 6th queen Bunson
Kiya 18th dynasty, Amarna period queen Bunson



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