Gilukhipa was a woman from Mitanni who married Amenhotep III in his 10th year. She was the daughter of Shuttarna II.

There would have been much haggling before Gilukhipa came to Egypt, and when she came, she had a retinue of 317. She would have brought with her gifts of gold, jewels, gold and silver vessels, horses, chariots, weapons, bedsteads, chests, bronze mirrors and other items, and embroidered clothing. Pharaoh would have also sent similar gifts to Mitanni, especially ebony furniture decorated in gold and silver, ivory objects, stone vessels, oils, gold and silver statues, and fine linen.

Later, Amenhotep III married Gilukhipa’s niece, Tadukhipa. Shuttarna was succeeded by Tushratta under odd circumstances, so Tushratta sent his daughter Tadukhipa to Pharaoh’s harim in Amenhotep’s 30th year.


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