Akhenaten’s Timeline

Year 1
Amenhotep IV works on pylons at Karnak that his father started.
The pylons are dedicated to the Aten.
Meritaten is born.

Year 2
Work started in Thebes on 4 Aten temples.
Begins replacing Amen with Aten.
First Jubilee (?)
Depictions of Akhenaton become exaggerated.

Year 3
By this time, the first three daughters are born.

Year 4
Akhetaten starts being built, and both the king and queen visit the site.
Meketaten and Ankhesenpaaten born.

Year 5
Changes name from Amenhotep to Akhenaten.
He says Aten is the only god.
He visits the site of the unbuilt Akhetaten and sets up some stelae.

Year 6
Central section of Akhetaten finished. Some say city created and dedicated this year.
Amenhotep IV changes his name to Akhenaten.
Royal tomb started.

Year 8
Most of Akhetaten built, including the Great Temple enclosure.
Court moves to Akhetaten.
Inscribed a second group of stelae at Akhetaten.

Year 9
Name of Aten is changed to remove references to any god except for Ra.

Year 10
Neferneferuaten is born.

Year 11
Neferneferure and Setepenre are born.

Year 12
Durbar. All six daughters are pictured for the last time.
Tiye visits Akhetaten and brings Beketaten with her.
Name of Amun still could be used in official inscriptions.
Meketaten dies (year 12 or year 13).

Year 13
Meketaten may have died this year.

Year 14
Last mention of Tiye on jar dockets at Akhetaten.
Nefertiti dies.
Meritaten is queen.

Year 15
Smenkhare is possibly co-regent with Akhenaten.
Smenkhare is married to Meritaten.
Akhenaten makes Ankhesenpaaten his consort.

Year 16
Last year Kiya’s estate sends wine to Akhetaten.

Year 17
Akhenaten dies, probably after the grape harvest.


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