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Note: This is made for picking characters for roleplay, especially for Pan Historia.

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Name Dynasty Notes Source Name elements/meaning Source
Note: No pharaohs are included. Dynasty is sometimes approximate as "son of" is included in the dynasty of the father.
Maherpa 18th official Bunson
Mahu 18th, Amarna period official, chief of police Bunson, Aldred
Mai 18th official Bunson
Ma'nakhtuf 18th, Amarna period Master of Works Aldred    
Masaharta NK?-from cache male
May     Aldred    
Maya 18th official Clayton
Mehy 19th official Bunson
Meketre 11th chancellor Bunson, Clayton Re
Men   sculptor Aldred    
Menkhaf 4th prince, vizier Bunson
Menkheperresenb 18th official Bunson
Menna 18th official Bunson
Merenre 6th brother of a king Clayton
Mereruka 6th official Bunson
Meri 12th official Bunson
Merimose  18th viceroy of Kush Aldred    
Meriptah 18th official Bunson Ptah
Merkha 1st nobleman Clayton
Mernuterseteni 5th vizier's son Bunson
Meryatum 19th prince Clayton
Meryre' 18th, Amarna period officials - (1) High Priest, (2) Overseer of Harim Bunson, Aldred Re
Merytatum 19th prince Bunson
Metjen 3rd official Bunson
Minnakht    general Aldred    
Mitry 5th official Bunson
Montuherkhopshef 20th prince Bunson
Nakht or Nakhte 18th priest and astronomer, vizier Bunson, Macdonald, Aldred
Nanefer-ka-ptah 19th prince Bunson Ptah
Nebamun 18th official and an artisan (2) Bunson Neb=lord, Amun
Nebemakhet 4th prince, priest Bunson Neb=lord
Nebenteru 19th official Bunson Neb=lord
Nebetka 1st official Bunson Neb=lord
Nebmakhet 4th prince Bunson Neb=lord
Nebwawi 18th official Bunson Neb=lord
Nebwenef 19th official Bunson Neb=lord
Neferhotep 18th official Bunson nefer, hotep
Neferkheperuhersekheper  18th, Amarna period governor of the city (Akhetaten) Aldred    
Neferiryetnes 5th judge of royal courts Bunson nefer
Neferma'at 4th prince Bunson nefer, Ma'at
Neferpert 18th official Bunson nefer
Neferti 12th priest Bunson nefer
Neferu 12th official Bunson nefer
Nefer-weben 18th priest Bunson nefer
Nehesy 18th official Bunson
Nehi 18th official Bunson
Nekaure' 4th prince Bunson
Nekhebu 6th official Bunson
Nekonekh 5th official Bunson
Nekure 4th prince Clayton
Nenkhsekhmet 5th official Bunson
Nenwef 18th official Bunson
Nessumontu 12th official Bunson
Nibamon, Nibamun, Nebamon 18th official Bunson Amon
Padiaset 600 BC or 26th dynasty priest Macdonald
Pamiu 800 BC or 22th dynasty Macdonald
Panehsi/Panhey 18th-20th public official clan Bunson
Panhesy 20th priest Bunson
Parennefer 18th cupbearer Aldred    
Paser 18th-20th line of officials Bunson
Patenemheb 18th official Bunson
Pawah  18th High Priest Aldred    
Pawara 18th official Bunson
Pawero 20th official Bunson
Penno, Penni, Penne 20th official Bunson
Pentu 18th King's Physician Bunson
Pepy-Nakht 6th nobleman Bunson
Pinhasy 18th Chief Servitor Aldred    
Prehirwonmef 19th prince Clayton
Prehirwonnef 19th prince Bunson
Ptahshepses, Ptah-Shepses 4th official Bunson Ptah
Puyemre' 18th official Bunson
Rahotep 3rd Clayton Ra, hotep
Raia 19th lieutenant of chariotry Clayton
Ramose 18th & 19th official, vizier Bunson, Aldred
Ranofer      Aldred    
Rawer 5th official Bunson
Re'emkuy 5th prince Bunson
Re'hotpe 4th prince Bunson Ra, hotep
Rehu-erdjersenb, Rehu'ardjersen 12th official Bunson
Rekhmire' 18th vizier Bunson
Renni 19th mayor of El Kab Bunson
Ro-an, Ro-en, Ra-an 18th official Bunson
Rudjek 5th official Bunson
Ruia 19th father of a queen Bunson
Sabaf 1st official Bunson
Sabni 6th official Bunson
Sabu 5th & 6th official Bunson
Sarenpet 12th mayor of Khnum Bunson
Sebek-khu 12th official Bunson
Sebni 6th official Bunson
Sehetepibre 12th official Bunson
Sendjemib clan: Inti Sendjemib, Mehi Sendjemib Old Kingdom clan Bunson
Senenmut 18th official Bunson
Sen-nefer 18th mayor of Thebes Bunson nefer
Setau 19th official Bunson
Setka 4th "scribal pose" Clayton
Sihathor 12th official Bunson
Simontu 12th official Bunson
Surero 18th High Steward Aldred    
Tchanun 18th official Bunson
Tchay 19th official Bunson
Teni-menu     Aldred    
Thaneni 18th official Bunson
Theshen 5th official Bunson
Thethi 11th official Bunson
Thuity 18th official Bunson
Ti, Tiy 5th official Bunson
Tia 19th married to princess Tia! Bunson
Tjuroy 18th official Bunson
Tuta 18th official Bunson
Urhiya 19th official Bunson
Userhat 18th official Bunson
Wahneferhotep 13th prince Clayton hotep
Wajmose 18th brother of Hatshepsut Bunson
Wenamon 20th official Bunson Amon
Weni 6th official Bunson, Clayton
Wenisankh, Unasankh 5th prince Bunson ankh=life
Weshptah 5th official Bunson Ptah
Woser 18th vizier Bunson
Yey  18th   Aldred    
Yuf 18th official Bunson
Yuia 18th priest Bunson
Yuny 19th official Bunson
Yuya 18th Commander of Chariotry Aldred    
Zezemonekh 5th father of official in 5th dyn Bunson



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