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Here are some suggestions for our market.

Sample text:
Welcome to our market. We have the largest gathering of sellers in the area. Can you hear them hawk their wares? Come barter with us. We accept various goods and even weights of various metals if you have nothing to trade with. After you have traded with us, please accept this badge as a sign of your time with us. (Someone comes up with a cool graphic).

We have these fine sellers:

Suggested graphic, in progress:
 Food and Drink  Dress and Ornament
 Crafts (Furniture, Pottery)  Other

Then we'd list the sellers here. I've simplified it so it's only 4 groups. If anyone can think of better words or better groupings, please let me know.

Food and Drink
Dress and Ornament

If you bought items from one of these sellers, pick up your badge.
Possible badge:

If you created a page as a seller, pick up your badge.
Possible badge:

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Which do people like, or another one?