Takhaet's Bakery

Come exchange your items for my freshly baked bread loaves! Smell the life-sustaining scent. No meal is complete without bread! I have over 40 kinds of breads and cakes.  My bread won't wear down your teeth, either. No stone particles here. I don't add sand to hasten the making of flour, and my stone threshing floor is the best around.

I have loaves of all kinds of grains and added ingredients, both spiced, filled, and sweet. I have different shapes, for both plain and ceremonial use, and have bread made from different kinds of ovens. I also have non-bread goods.

Breads from Various Grains and Ingredients. Whatever your favorite is, I have it!

Barley Barley bread

Emmer - for our peasant patrons Picture of emmer bread

Spelt Picture of spelt bread

Wheat Picture of wheat bread

With butter, milk, and eggs With butter, milk, and eggs

Whole grain Whole grain

Coarsely cracked grain Coarsely cracked grain

Durah, a kind of millet
picture of millet bread


Spiced Breads, etc.

Anise-flavored - everyone's favorite spice picture of anise bread

Cumin-flavored Picture of Cumin-flavored bread

With coriander seeds Picture of bread with coriander seeds

Herbed picture of herbed bread

Bread with nuts
Picture of bread with nuts

Filled Breads

Thick loaf with filled center of beans or vegetables
picture of filled breads

Raised edges to hold eggs, etc.
picture of breads with raised edges

Sweet Breads and Cakes

Honey cakes picture of honeycakes

Sweet pastries, various Picture of pastries

Tiger nut flour mixed with honey

Bread with figs picture of bread with figs

Bread with dates picture of date bread

Sweet wine cakes
picture of sweet wine cakes



Looking for your favorite shape? Here they are:

Everyday Use

Flat bread picture of flatbreads

Crescents picture of crescents

Round loaves and ovals picture of round loaves

Pyramids picture of conical breads

Disks Disks

Buns picture of buns

Hexagonal shapes

 I make my breads with the finest materials, including my bedja or bread molds.
picture of bedja


Various animals, including fish, and human figures

Ovens Used

Looking for bread made a special way? I have it.
On a griddle
From a conical stove

Non-Bread Goods

Stewed grain gruel
Baked groats

Hungry? Pick up your "I buy bread at the Market" graphic.

"I buy bread at the Market"

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