Music & Instruments


We have an extensive music cube collection from many different musical styles:
Aubade – a type of jizz that is great for starting your morning
B’ssa nuuvu – popular with adults
Conserlista – developed on Zabrak in the Mid Rim
Deva – created on Adarlon in the Minos Cluster
Dusk – slow, dark, and moody
Glimmik – popular with many non-humanoids
Glitz – progressive offshoot of jizz
Gliz – swinging music from the Outer Rim, a sub-genre of jizz.
Heavy Isotope – young beings like to play this music loudly
Jatz – popular, a little similar to jizz
Jizz – this upbeat, swinging music is popular with everyone; think non-humanoid bands in cantinas! Sub-genres include aubade and jizz-wail and glitz
Jizz-wail – a softer jizz
Minga – similar to B’ssa nuuvu, but youths love
Riev – popular on Sullust
Rodian rumba
Scrak – popular throughout the galaxy, although some say it resonates with raucous buzz
Shanpa – uses the Growdi Harmonique instrument
Shudderup – music from Naboo
Smazzo – percussive, uses the Trap skin and the wailhorn
Space opera
Sparkle-bop – hummable melodies, repeated riffs, three-chord melodies, we think it will catch on [Note: popular around 4-6.5 ABY]
Swing-bop – popular now
Tree-drum music – beloved by the Wookiees
Wroonian blues – from Wroona in the Inner Rim

Musical Instruments

Alluta – this stringed instrument is made by Ferroans in the Outer Rim in the Illisurevimurasi Sector. They have pale blue skin and gold eyes.

Chidinkalu – a horn made out of hollowed out reeds of the chidinkalu, it makes a low tone and is in the rhythm section of Kitonak musical groups from Kirdo III in the Outer Rim

Chordokeylo – We have the instrument and the tonal cards one inserts to let it play different kinds of music

Claw harp – from the Whiphids of Toola, it provides a twangy sound

Double viol – this has two hollow resonating boxes on a shaft with tonal chords on it



Growdi Harmonique – this harmonica-like instrument is used in Shanpa music.

Electroharp – more intense than a non-electric harp, this instrument is found everywhere and is often in six-piece bands

Hydroharp – made by the Qwohog in the Mid Rim

Janglers – often used in marching bands

Jizz Musical Instruments

Joy Harp – made by the Ferroans of the Illisurevimurasi Sector.

Kashyyyk clarion – a horn covered in bantha horn, bronzium and Cerulean gemstones

KeyBed – piano-like, with black, green and white keys

Lute-pipe – this is both plucked and blown



Ommni box – this hard to play instrument is used in jizz and other music as an amplifier and to change the bass

Quetarra – from Zabrak, this is guitar-like except that it has two extra strings

Sansil – from Adarlon in the Minos Cluster

Sontaran song ball – made by titanium alloy, one sphere is within another. When the ball is moved, it sounds sonorous, like a flute

Synth-harmonica – this is an electronic version designed to be able to be played by any species

Synth-viol – this electronic viol is favored by young adults

Synthtone – this electronic instrument can sounds like many other instruments

Tambour – a circular drum head with little metal jimgles around it

Touchboard – this is played by waving one’s hands

Twi’lek siren whistle – this was orginally used to warn Twi’leks of pending coriolis storms

Wind Chimes – We have Nar Shaddaa wind chimes with hutt-shapes that hit the chimes, but we also have metal shapes of many of the aliens of the galaxy, and these also hit the metal chimes with a pleasing sound.

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