Absorbmats – good for keeping drinks from harming your furniture
Beds – use our puff-cots when you want a portable bed that inflates by itself.
Bird cages from Neimoidia
Blankets of Bantha wool, and other warm fabrics

Carpets and mats

Huj mats – At first, these seem to be a jumble, but look more closely, and an intricate design will appear
Ottegan silk carpets
Qashmel carpets – from the Hapes Cluster
Shag rugs – expensive

Chairs, all available in many styles


We have wood
Fiber-grown chairs – cheap and easy to throw away if broken


Conform loungers
Gel-filled recliners that conform to your body shape.
Self-molding contour chairs – simply luxurious


Power chairs (AKA hover or repulsor chairs) for one person
Repulsorlift couches for several people or larger beings.

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Devos crystal tea cups
Plastene mugs
Vors-glass cups


Ebonite-topped (black)
Larmal-topped (milky white)

Lighting fixtures

Chandeliers: we have wind-crystal chandeliers that vibrate musically at the slightest breeze

Lamps: We have singing lamps.


Corellian leather upholstered furniture
Crosh-hide upholstered furniture
Larmal-topped furniture

Sheets of Ramodrian silk and other fabrics


Fiber-grown tables – cheap and easy to throw away if broken
Larmal-topped tables
Lexoplast-topped bar tables – stain resistant!

Tents made of Durasilk
Tiles of Ebonite (black), Larmal (milky white) and other fine stones. We also have tiles patterend with glow-pearls.
Towels of Nerf wool – very water absorbent!

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