We have art from many planets known for their art:
Alderaanian art, including grass paintings
Kuati art
Sacorrian wood
Iphigin music [note, this is made up, but they have melodious voices]
Nubian and Rhommamoolian ore
Aargau metals

Flats & Flatsculpts

These 2D art types can be grandiose but still be easy on the credits.

Floater Globes

Miniature repulsorlifts keep these beauties up. We have iconic scenes from famous spots throughout the galaxy, and children’s favorites like popular holograms from Hologram Fun World. [made up the details]

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Airpaint murals – expressionistic

Gektl painted eggs – hold these up in just the right light to see gorgeous scenes from Gektl history

Grass paintings

Moss paintings – we keep them moist and explain how you can, too.


We have sandcastings from many desert planets.

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Holosculptures – Amazing sculptures are projected through holoprojectors or holoplates. We also have dynamic holosculptures.

Kinesculptures – these amazing sculptures are always moving

Light sculptures

Corellian flame miniatures – ours are designed by Corellian artists, for no one has been able to quite replicate them. They are made of transoptical fibers of pseudo-luminescent material and Goorlish light sources, but how do they get those glowing floating flames to be so beautiful? Our have a slight pinkish color to them. Classes not available in making them.

We also have light sculptures from well known Coruscanti Ves Volette

Mullanite lattice-sculpture – constructed on lattices with creeping Mullanite vites, from Rudrig in the Outer Rim


Alumabronze statues
Bronzium statues
Larmalstone statues

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