Interplanetary Relations

Ta’anata on Tehikamaui – The Kaiteri have strongest associations with the Ta’anata on Tehikamaui, their moon. Ta’anata are granted Menuhiri status, which is the nicest way to say “non-Kaiteri.”(12-6-11)*

Mirialan – Because the Ta’anata are originally from Miralan, the Kaiteri have strong relations with the Mirialan as well. Mirialan are also called Menuhiri (12-6-11)*

Meram Sector – The Kaiteri have uneasy relations with the rest of the Meram Sector, for they tend to be bounty hunters and slavers (12-6-11)*

Kwymar, Meram, and Nembus sectors – The Republic has grouped these together and put them under one senator, who comes from the Kwymar sector (12-6-11)*

The Kaiteri are active members with other aquatic species (12-6-11)*

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*Date of discovery.