As the Kaiteri are group-oriented and are not natural leaders, they emphasize a group of leaders. After the wars between the iwi were finished, the Kaiteri developed a leadership group where iwi leaders from all iwi came together, and no decision is made without the group (12-6-11)*

However, all Kaiteri are expected to engage in noisy debate on all issues (12-6-11)*. All Kaiteri talk about it and then vote with pebbles. Terms are for three years (2-3-12)*

Leaders come from peer groups (12-6-11)*

The different iwis mainly govern themselves but overall power and the authority to relate to pakia lies with the pan-iwi government. The iwi leaders are decided the same way as the pan-iwi government. (2-3-12)*

They do not have a professional standing army, but all adults are trained as an emergency militia. (2-3-12)*

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