Korora’s Fishery

(Note: This is for an online roleplay from Panhistoria for a storyline that includes Star Wars fan fiction.)

We’ve scoured the galaxy to find the best foods. No planet is too obscure - if their food is good enough!

We offer swim-up or eat-in options.

Our dinnerware is made of the finest, most beautiful lishin coral, in the Mon Calamari style. Silverware is the finest lataren wood from the seas of Sesid. (We also have baby dishes of local Rakautai wood from our nearby Rakautai underwater forests).

Ask your server for a schedule of sponsored events. We sponsor the local synchronized swimming ("synchro") club. We also celebrate Waitaha Days, full of traditional food, plus traditional pingao weavings, poha kelp food containers, pukapuka leaf books, traditional korihi (birdsong) songs, and songs of the Hekenga or migration from Kahawaiti to Araparoha/ Tehikamaui

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Kaiteri food

Non-Kaiteri food:


Anoat Malteds - from planet Anoat. Rich and sweet, with a deep, smoky flavor. Gamorrean snack-crakers are available for dunking.
Arkanian sweet milk - Creamy, a strong mead from Arkania.
Calamarian C-tea - Tea from plants from the Mon Calamari oceans.
Chandrilan coffee
Chandrilan herb tea
Dagoban bentaxne berry tea - very soothing.
Kopi tea - Dark and slightly orange.
Krill liquer
Oceanroot - a favorite of the Kian'thar of Shaum Hii.



Bestrum algae from Alqualaris.

Camray eels from Spira.

Choarn - an eel-like creature from Dac. We serve it the Quarren way.

Coral worms with sulyet, a dish from the planet Dac, served the Quarren way. Coral worms are purple. Sulyet is small slices of raw sea creatures with tikit grain. When ordering, let us know if you would like the creature to be still moving or not. Sulyet has a sweet and sour taste. The sea creatures can be purple coral worm, nudibranch, or Nexufish. Garnished with purple sourwort. Some humans say sulyet reminds them of sushi.


Drejil - from Dac (Calamarian).


Exosquidra - Calamarian.

Floater squid

Fried Khasva from Dac (Calamarian)

Furfish/ fur-bearing trout from Paulking XIV.

Glottlefish from Dac (Calamarian).

Keelkana are eel-like creatures from Dac (Calamarian) and are relatives of the Krakana.

Krakana filets - Steaks of the krakana fish from Mon Calamari. Krakanas are dangerous tentacled-creatures that are delicious in the pot.

Lampfish Tongue from Dac (Calamarian).

Minnows - small fish from Dac, favored by the Whaladons.

Nexufish - Don't worry, we take great care in serving this fish so that it is not at all poisonous. We have never ever had a fatality in our fine restaurant.

Raw Pointer Fish rolled in Lampfish tongue.

Raw Rockfish Twists from the Tapani Sector. We can also serve it cooked.

Redfish from Amfar.

Scalefish - The beings on Aqualaris in the Expansion Rim like these colorful fish so much they imported them from Naboo. They include:
Doo - a Gungan staple, although they are less colorful than the others
Laa - green scaled.
Tee - bright red scales
Served with purple-shelled yobshrimp, also from Naboo via Agualaris.

Seasquid - from Dac.

Shellfish from tropical Anantapar that is as big as a standard humanoid’s hand.

Shra’akan - giant squid

Silver fish from Spira.

Sink crab from Bestine IV, an Inner Rim planet near the Corellian Trade Spine.

Spiced Salar - Salar is a bland Bothan fish, but we make it nicely spiced. Unpspiced Salar is available upon request.

Stuffed Plavonian Starfish from the Tapani Sector.

Tenbah squid

Twnchok - Octopus

Utapaun flying squid

Winged / flying crabs from Paulking IV.

Y’luubi - A delicacy! Humans say the taste changes from smoky to sweet to tangy.

Yobcrabs - from Aqualaris but originally imported from Naboo, they have blue shells.

Fowl and Meat

Cliff snails from Vaynai.

Derlac meat. Derlacs graze in the oceans of Shaum Hii and are herded by the Kian'thar on their flying bentails.

Roast gorak bird cooked in malla petals or plain. - Goraks are from Alderaan. Mallan petals are from Alderaan.

Gruuvan shaal - Seasoned lizard meat and vegetables cooked on a wooden spit. From Twi’lek.

Kruffy pot pie - Fowl, gravy, and vegetables in a thick pastry shell. From Almania.


Algae bread - Favored by the Herglics of Giju, water-based mammals.


Herglic algae ice cream - A dessert from the Tapani Sector.

Sweeteners and Spices

Bassel sea salt - a strong, salt-like spice.


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