Coral reefs - Araparoha has bonnie coral reefs and darnadije (coral tree) reefs. The darnadije reefs are miniature forests that act like coral. They grow in floating, waving, fan, and table shapes.

Most trees are non-deciduous, meaning they do not drop their leaves in winter.

Hangehange - A coastal tree with small, brittle leaves. Food is wrapped and steamed in its leaves for extra flavor.
Hanuka Tree - The leaves make a tea.
Hiku plant - plant that looks like a fish tail waving in the air
Hinatore - A sea plant that twinkles or looks luminescent
Kahikatoa - Red manuka tree
Kapakopa - blue and white flower
Karaka - coastal tree with bright orange fruit called kopi and shiny green leaves. It grows in the south.
Inanga Grass Tree
Karengo (edible seaweed) - small, grows in high tide areas
Kiekie - A coastal shrub, tree, and vine. It has cream flowers with three fingers. The leaves can be used for weaving.
Kotukutuku - Has black Konini berries that are sweet when ripe. Manuka Tree - This is a lowland tree. The leaves make a bitter tea.
Nakonoko - berry bush
Narunaru - Also called the Ngaru plant. It is a (made up) underwater plant with rough, gnarly bark and poisonous, phosphorescent leaves. Korora likes to look at them when she is bobbing in the ocean.
Neinei - The wood is used for making traditional flutes
Nikau - the shoots are edible when young
Nimurapa, Rimurapa (edible seaweed) - large brown seaweed that grows on rocky coasts
Parengo (edible seaweed)
Piha plant - plant that looks and moves like uprights gills
Pililani grass
Pingao - seaside plant used in weaving
Puapua - plant that floats on the water and looks like white foam
Puha - watercress
Pokutukaha - has red flowers. It grows in the north.
Pukapuka - shrub with leaves can write on.
Rakautai - (made up) underwater tree used for wood for everyday objects.
Rautini - Christmas tree (Chatham Island)
Rengarenga - a coastal plant. The roots are edible.
Rinurehia - sea grass - grows on tidal mudflats
Rinurinu (“seaweed”) - small and green
Tawapou - has fruit
Towhiri - a fan like plant
Toro - Open-branched trees. Flowers range from cream to pale pink.
Wiwi -Stiff, rush-like clumps in coastal marshes. Has wire-like stems.

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