Pengalan IV is a desert planet in the Inner Rim in the Pengalan System (canon). Some ores are dissolved into warm, shallow seas, and some of these ores condense out. Kaiteri colonists have been brought to dive in and pick up the ore that settles between branches of the delicate water gorel (this and the rest of the page is made up).

The Kaiteri on Pengalan

The Kaiteri colonists, specifically, the Patari, live off the continent off Arkemtimha (capital is Bunta Donba), in the Ilza Kalaba, or Kalaba Islands. The main island is Yzapela, though others are Vermatimha and Pardholonu. The Gironell Current keep the islands cooler than they would otherwise, which is why the Kaiteri are at this spot. Other aquatic species collect the ore in other spots. Kaiteri cool off by panting, going into the water, sending blood to their flippers and feet, sprawling on bellies and stretching out feet and flippers.

The Otavali

The humans around the coast of Arkemtimha are called the Otavali, but the Kaiteri call them Otavari.

Otavali Names for Kaiteri

Tutura – The Otavali call the Kaiteri "Tutura" from tuytura, float.

Chiwi – However, another increasingly common name is the Chiwi or chicks, because they are short. Chiwi was first a derogatory name, then one of affection, and now it is becoming simply a name.

Ailu – They also call them the Ailu, from Ayllu, because they are always in groups.

The Otavali also have different names for the different iwi or subgroups:

Waters can reach 82 degrees F/28 degrees C but still 18 deg F/10 deg C below body temp.

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Prominent Colors: black, orange, yellow, grey, white, blue, brown

Galapagos penguins eat mullets & sardines

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