Through her restaurant, she helps sponsors events her children are interested in: Waitaha Days for Tahupaia, and Ponaturi’s synchronized swimming group (they call it “synchro” for short). She'll sponsor something for Nohinohi once he gets beyond seawater-drinking dares.

Korora likes to learn new things and watch plays but most of all, she likes to bob in the water and stay at home. However, she also likes to take week-long water voyages with her family where they swim and sleep in the ocean all week.

They are of the Kahurangi (“blue”) iwi (“tribe”).
They like mohi, kokowhawha, fish, and ngu. They decorate their house with vegetation and like houses that feel burrow-like. Kahurangi are stay-at-homes who do not tend to mix with other colonies. Korora and her family are exceptions. Korora was born in Patapata.

Husband: Heketoro (“fairy”) - He likes to try new food. He is from the capital island, grew up with one of the Areha iwi, Kaiarahi, and he works for him. When the Areha goes to Coruscant, Korora’s family will have to as well. Her parents are already sad she married a Kahurangi from the capital island...


Tureha - “fairy” Korora’s father - He taught school in a university an island over. He was a hydrography professor.
Kikorana - “blue” Korora’s mother - She loves to study whakangaru ("to put in ordered waves", ie genealogy).

Tahurani - “fairy” Korora’s youngest sister
Pinepine - “little” Tahurangi’s husband
Pakupaku -“small" Tahurangi’s child, who is a nestling about Nohinohi's age.

Korora and her sister Ngakirikiri are friends with Turia, Indara, and Muneware, who are of the Niuhorana clan and are from Tumapanga in Manai Iweronga.


Korora’s sister. Ngakirikiri has a degree in culinary science from the University of Korotangi and has a restaurant in Korotangi called the Korotangi Cafe.

Husband: Nununekai from Rotonue (“Big Lake”) on Motu Wairake (Island of Places Where Pools Are Used as Mirrors), a resort and tourist area near Motutere Karupaka, the capital island. He went to the University of Korotangi on a koau flute scholarship. His family originally came from Motutere Nenetaha. He is descended from Ihinekohu and her husband, Maungataha, who led the Kahurangi from Kahawaiti to Waipuna/Araparoha. His father is Whatengawhana and his mother is Matahi. His sisters are Korakorako, Naiakura, and Iturehu and his brother is Nukupori. His sister, Korakorako, is married to Ruakopiri. His second sister, Naiakura, is married to Tapaharoa. The third sister, Iturehu, is married to Matanaere. Nukupori, the brother of Nununekai, is married to Tawhana.



She is of the Rahi (“loud”) iwi. Born at Otepoti (Dunedin). Hoiho and her people build their houses far apart from other Kaiteri (so that they don’t see each other, although they don’t mind hearing each other) and do not join crèches. She likes seashell painting and water drop art.

Husband: Pungapunga (“yellow,” also “anchor”) - a calm fellow. He likes seascapes.


Sister - Tauora.


She loves plays, glaciers, listening to storytellers, is interested in other races, and is a long-distance swimmer. With her children, she plays the children's game of swimming as fast as she can and then letting her them “catch” her.

They are of the Potetea (“white cap”) iwi. Heni’s people join loose crèches. They like uruaura, koura, kourarangi, potipoti, etc. They don't like enourmous crowds (like in the thousands). They love travel and change houses often. Their children stay at home the longest of all the Kaiteri. She likes ice marquetry.
She was born in the south.

Husband: “Papou” Papua - He is a glaciologist and loves ice sculptures.


Pokotiwha - husband Tawaki- lives to the southwest

Hoiho and Heni are the tallest, Korora and Ngakirikiri and their families are the shortest.

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