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Alien races are listed in alphabetical order to avoid favoring anyone.

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Special Sections


Centauri Biographies

Durza - A favorite among many Centauri, including Ambassador Mollari.

Emperor Cartagia - Read about this infamous emperor, who was Turhan's nephew.

Emperor Turhan- Reports says he would have changed Centauri history. We have several books about him.

Human Biographies

Captain Ellasai Ferdinand VI - He was the leader of ship the Amundsen, which was the first to meet the Minbari.

Captain John Sheridan - Commander of Babylon 5 after Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. Books cover his childhood to joining Earthforce, being Captain of the Agamemnon, his marriage, and command of Babylon 5.

Commander Jeffrey Sinclair - First commander of Babylon 5, and first Human ambassador to Minbar. Books cover his childhood on Mars, his Jesuit training, fighter pilot career in EarthForce Defense, relationship with Catherine Sakai, the Academy, his role in the Battle of the Line, and his command on Babylon 5.

President Luis Santiago - Books cover his Earth Alliance vice presidency and presidency, and how he started the Babylon Project.

President William Morgan Clark - Read about this controversial Earth Alliance president who came to power under questionable circumstances.

Minbari Biographies

Ambassador Delenn - Books cover her early childhood on Minbar among the religious caste as well as her roles on the Grey Council, the Battle of the Line, and on Babylon 5.

Branmer - One of the greatest war leaders and leader after Dukhat. His mother was of the religious caste and his father was from the warrior class.

Dukhat - Read about this famous war leader.

Narn Biographies

Ambassador G'Kar - Books cover living on Narn, becoming a member of the third circle of the Kha'Ri, going to Babylon 5, and his part in fighting for Narn freedom.

G'Quan - Read about one of the greatest Narn spiritual leaders.

Vorlon Biographies

Ambassador Kosh (short book)

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Interspecies Relations books

We have many books that may be useful in dealing with other species. This is a popular section.

Convert Numbers to Base 11 (for dealing with Minbari)
Food Rituals of the Minbari for Aliens
Idiot's Guide to Centauri Glory Days
Idiot's Guide to Minbari Castes and Rituals
Quick Centauri Phrases
Quick Drazi Phrases
Quick Minbari Phrases
Quick Narn Phrases

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The Universe Today - The galaxy's premier newspaper. It can be personalized for each reader. Choose from many sections, including: Babylon 6 Today, Eye on Centauri, Eye on Earth, Eye on Minbar, and Eye on Narn, sports news.

Interstellar News Network (ISN) Guides to Minbar, Centauri, Narn, Earth -The ISN was the galaxy's biggest news network We have many books written by their staff.

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Main Sections


This section includes everything a Centauri might be interested in.

The Arts: Centauri opera.

Fiction: Historical fiction that takes place on various planets where the Centauri ruled, and ghost stories about the Xon (the race they annihilated).

Geography: Centauri Prime.

Government: Books on the emperors, prime ministers, and the Centarum.

History: The glory days of the Republic (very popular), and histories of Centauri emperors.

Military: Books on the various wars the Centauri fought to create the Republic. See also the history section.

Religion: Books on their 50 gods.

Society: Books on the Centauri fosterage system, stories of various Centauri based on their family and honor, and Centauri jewelry and medallions. Due to popular request, we also have a section called the Purple Files, which includes scandalous pieces of information on various Centauri.

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We have all the sections our human visitors might want.

Babylon Project: We have a generous section on Babylons 1 -5 as well as our own, Babylon 6.

Fiction: We have books by Harlan Ellison (was a favorite of Ivanova), Tennyson, including Ulysses (Sinclair favorite).

Geography: Earth, Europa, Io, Mars Colony.

Government: We have books on the Earth Alliance, EarthGov and EarthDome.

Humor: Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a 1/2 Century (Garibaldi favorite).

Military: This includes books on the Battle of the Line and the Earth-Minbari War.

Society: Telepath, Psi Corps and Psi Cops. We also have a large sports section, including baseball (favorite of Captain Sheridan).

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The Arts: Poetry of Shall Mayan, including "In the Light of Two Moons."

Geography: The planet Minbar.

Government: The Grey Council.

Languages: Lenann, Feek, Adronato (religious caste) plus 97 dialects and subtongues.

Philosophy: Popular section on books on the power of one mind to change universe.

Religion: Beliefs of the religious caste, and reincarnation. See also the society section.

Society: Large section on the religious, warrior, and worker castes, and books on the clans within the castes, including the warrior clans of Star Riders, Moon Shields, Wind Swords, Night Walkers, and Fire Wings. Books on the Minbari code of honor, and a large section on food rituals.

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Religion: Includes the Book of G'Kar and the Book of G'Quan.

Fiction and True Stories: Books on fighting the Centauri, and gritty urban tales set in Centauri cities.

Geography: Narn homeworld.

Government: the Kha'Ri ruling body, the current government.

Society: Books on the art of negotiation, education books for Narn aristocrats who believed education was beneath them and now need a little more, books on weapons and arms dealing, and farming on Narn.

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Note: This page is created for role-playing purposes in Panhistoria for the Babylon 6 novel.


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