picture of Eighth Nome symbol heiroglyph of Thinis
Eighth Nome Thinis


Thinis is a proud, ancient city. Thinis was the capital in the early dynastic times. Some call the first two dynasties the Thinite dynasty and think the first kings came from there. All the first dynasty kings have tombs at Abydos, and most of the second dynasty kings do. Thinis was a powerful center for the first two dynasties, covering over 400 years, but then Thinis lost to Memphis. Our city is so huge, I imagine that future generations will always know where our city is.

In the old Kingdom, Thinis was part of the oasis road to the Kharga Oasis, and then on to the Dakhla Oasis. We colonized Dakhla by the beginning of the sixth dynasty.

During the 10th and 11th dynasty, in the First Intermediate Period, Thinis unfortunately rebelled against Theban rule and had to be subdued.

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