picture of Eighth Nome symbol hieroglyph of Abydos map of south tour
  Eighth Nome Abydos  

South Tour of Abydos

Welcome to our tour.  In this tour, you will see pyramids, temples, and shrines. If you haven't taken our north tour, I would strongly suggest taking it. Our most famous sites are north of the town.

On our left is the Ahmose Pyramid and the Pyramid Temple.
Further in the desert is the Ahmose Nefertari Shrine and Tetisheri Shrine.
Ahmose Nefertari was the wife and sister of Ahmose. Tetisheri was the grandmother of Ahmose and Ahmose Nefertari. The brick shrine dedicated to Tetisheri is about halfway between Ahmose's pyramid and the unfinished tomb. At this shrine, there is a stela where Ahmose mentions his decision to build Tetisheri a shrine.

Further in the desert is Ahmose's Tomb and the Ahmose Terrace Temple.

Let's end with Senwosret III's tomb.

Now let's go back to town. 


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