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Welcome to McMentuhotep's

At the Golden Columns

You deserve a break today, at McMentuhotep's

Now Four Locations!

Downtown Abu

Downtown Gebtu

Downtown Abydos

Downtown Hutwaret


Try one of our affordable meat sandwiches and see why McMentuhotep's is so popular.

Over 400 served!

Our burgers

McMentuhotep Burger - a slice of grilled goat on your choice of pita bun.

McPharaoh Burger - a steak patty on your choice of pita bun. Yes, it is three times as expensive as the McMentuhotep burger but go ahead, you are worth it!

McNile Burger - The McNile Burger is a generous piece of salted catfish or Nile perch on your choice of pita bun. an excellent alternative for our less well-off clientale


Our burgers come in three sizes:

  • Pharaoh-sized burgers
  • Noble-sized burgers
  • Princeling-sized burgers


Garlic - available free of charge.

Goat cheese - available at a slight extra cost.

Onions - available free of charge.

Pharaoh-size anything and get a piece of steak on top!


Garlic and onion sauce - Strangers asking for barbeque sauce find this an acceptable alternative.
Sweet and sour sauce - Made from sweet nabk berries and sour balanites.
Pomegranate sauce

Pita Buns

Barley pita bun - an excellent alternative.

Emmer wheat pita bun - Our traditional bun.

Raised bread wheat pita bun - See why Kemet has become known as the bread basket of the world! Our most expensive bun.

Sun bread bun - Put in the sun to raise before cooking in a clay oven. Has a sourdough taste. Excellent! A specialty from Upper Kemet.regional specialty

Other Meat Dishes

McDuck Nuggets - Big pieces of duck fried in moringa oil and dusted with wheat flour. Several sauces are available upon request.

McPigeon - Stuffed, seasoned, "Kenetuki-fried" pigeon. We use the choicest pigeons from Uaht-rest, the Outer or Southern Oasis (Kharga). Can be grilled upon request. regional specialty

McWings - Seasoned pigeon wings, "Kenetuki-fried."

regional specialty


Akkadian Fries - A treat from the advanced cultures of the East. Try our chufa nuts fried in moringa oil. Chufa nuts are starchy tubers that are said to taste like chestnuts. They can not be beat.

Onion Rings - The onions of Kemet are said to be the best in the world and our onion rings are equally fine. They can be fried upon request.

Salad Ta-Sherit (Side Salad) - A refreshing salad of lettuce, cucumbers, and leeks served in an oil and vinegar dressing.


Choose from beer, goat milk, grape juice, or date juice.


Anise rolls

Carob pudding - Made from carob beans, milk, and honey.

Date cakes

Fig Cakes

Honey Cakes

Nabk berry pie - The Lotus eaters of North africa say that eating nabk berries will make you forget all your cares. try this treat and see for yourself.

Nabk berry cakes - Nabk berries are dried in the sun and pounded into cakes. Nabk berries are generally said to taste like dates or cherries. When they are dried, they taste like gingerbread.

Our Breakfast Menu

Farmer's Special - Salted fish and sweet onions rolled in emmer wheat flat bread (pancakes).

Kemet Special - Boiled beans, onions, and spices mixed with eggs and served in your choice of pita bun.

McMentuhotep Special - pigeon eggs on toasted emmer wheat or barley bread. Dove or duck eggs may be requested instead.

Pharaoh's Special - pigeon eggs on toasted bread wheat with a slice of steak on top. Dove or duck eggs may be requested instead.

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